Since 1997, Perugia Press has published one book a year: the winner of the Perugia Press Prize for first or second books of poetry by women. Our goal is to help right gender inequity in publishing, one excellent book at a time. Purchase directly from our bookshop below, or place bookstore, library, and international orders through our distribution partner, Asterism Books.

Perugia Press donates 5% of our book sales at year-end to organizations that support the lives and work of BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, and women of color) folx. In 2024-2025, buying our books supports us as well as these selected organizations: Kundiman and The Care Center.

2023 The Book Eaters Carolina Hotchandani
2022 American Sycamore Lisbeth White
2021 Through a Red Place Rebecca Pelky
2020 Now in Color Jacqueline Balderrama
2019 Hail and Farewell Abby E. Murray
2018 Girldom Megan Peak
2017 Starshine Road L. I. Henley
2016 Guide to the Exhibit Lisa Allen Ortiz
2015 Grayling Jenifer Browne Lawrence
2014 Sweet Husk Corrie Williamson
2013 Begin Empty-Handed Gail Martin
2012 The Wishing Tomb Amanda Auchter
2011 Gloss Ida Stewart
2010 Each Crumbling House Melody S. Gee
2009 How to Live on Bread and Music Jennifer K. Sweeney
2008 Two Minutes of Light Nancy K. Pearson
2007 Beg No Pardon Lynne Thompson
2006 Lamb Frannie Lindsay
2005 The Disappearing Letters Carol Edelstein
2004 Kettle Bottom Diane Gilliam
2003 Seamless Linda Tomol Pennisi
2002 Red Melanie Braverman
2001 A Wound On Stone Faye George
2000 The Work of Hands Catherine Anderson
1999 Reach Janet E. Aalfs
1998 Impulse to Fly Almitra David
1997 Finding the Bear Gail Thomas
Brilliance, Spilling 2016

Commemorating Perugia’s twentieth anniversary and the move forward into its third decade, this chapbook features a poem from each of the press’s first twenty books. Brilliance, Spilling celebrates the depth and breadth of Perugia Press’s catalog.