2023 Year-End Appeal Letter

Dear Friends of Perugia Press,

Building community is at the heart of Perugia Press. When so much of our country and the world seems fractured, the value of community rises. By “community,” we mean strong connections both within the organization and between our press and other organizations. We also mean friends of the press, like you, who help sustain our mission by reading our books, submitting to our contests, attending our events, and making donations that support Perugia’s work. Here are some examples:

What does it take to create a welcoming, ongoing, healthy community like ours? It takes hard work, care, dedicated poets, staff, and volunteers, and, of course, financial resources.

Donations are an integral part of how we fulfill our mission to celebrate and support the work of women poets. As part of our community, please consider a year-end gift to our press.

With gratitude,

Rebecca Olander, Editor/Director and the Perugia Press Board

P. S. All gifts to the press are tax-deductible. You can give securely on our website. For donations of $100 or more, or for donors who sign up to give monthly at any amount, we’ll send you a signed copy of The Book Eaters by Carolina Hotchandani.