Perugia’s 25th Anniversary Reading

Perugia Press has had the honor of producing beautiful books of poetry by emerging women poets for a quarter of a century. We are so excited to mark the occasion of Perugia Press’s twenty-fifth anniversary this fall! Join us on Sunday afternoon, September 26, from 4-6pm EST (1-3pm PST) to listen in to micro readings from 20 of our poets from over the years: from Gail Thomas, the first poet we published, to Rebecca Pelky, winner of the 2021 Perugia Press Prize. The readings will be followed by a short conversation between the poets, Founding Director Susan Kan, and Editor/Director Rebecca Olander. The event is virtual, and it’s free, but you have to register here to attend. We look forward to celebrating Perugia Press and poetry with you on September 26!